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Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For Your Class 7 Science Exams

Class 7 exams can be quite a difficult task for all the students to learn and prepare from. Science for class 7 students, can be quite a challenging subject for students to prepare for their main exams because Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are present as chapters in the exam syllabus. The NCERT Maths Book Class 8 is an important resource, which contains Math solutions present in the book prescribed by the NCERT. These are important solutions present in different books and students can easily learn and prepare effectively, for their examinations by referring through these important books which contain the solutions.

The syllabus for class 7 Science exam is mentioned below:

  1. Nutrition in Plants
  2. Soil
  3. Nutrition in Animals
  4. Heat
  5. Fibre to Fabric
  6. Acids, Bases and Salts
  7. Physical and Chemical Changes
  8. Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
  9. Respiration in Organisms
  10. Reproduction in Plants
  11. Motion and Time
  12. Transportation in Animals and Plants
  13. Electric Current and its effects
  14. Light
  15. Water: A Precious Resource
  16. Forests: Our Lifeline
  17. Wastewater story
  18. Separation of Substances
  19. Electricity and Circuits

The Science book can act as an important resource for students to learn and prepare from, as they contain all the portions for the different chapters, present in the examinations. The NCERT Science Book Class 7acts as an important resource for all students to effectively learn and prepare for their examinations.

With the help of solution guides and other practice material, students can gain enough confidence to effectively prepare for their exam. With the help of popular educational apps such as BYJU’s- The educational app, which contains a lot of resources and educational material for students. This app contains thousands of hours of video lectures taught by some of the best teachers and lecturers from across the country. Modern Edu-Tech apps are considered as the new method of learning and students can gain the confidence they need, to prepare for their examinations.

Thus, these are a few important things to keep in mind while preparing for your class 7 Science exams. Visit BYJU’s- The Educational App to learn more about the different topics and chapters introduced here. Check out this short video explaining the process of Photosynthesis in Plants below.