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VSAT Is India’s Doorway To Effective Edtech

You can’t learn if you can’t have fun. An invigorating class is made up of interesting anecdotes, jokes, and fascinating facts. These can be delivered perfectly by interactive digital media. Founder of Educomp  Solutions, believes that well-equipped smart classrooms will bring a revolution to teaching, especially in remote and rural areas.

Interactive media can break the barriers of language and allow students to learn better with visuals. The internet happens to be an important part of interactive media’s delivery mechanism. Sadly, remote villages and towns do not have a strong infrastructure that supports superfast and continuous internet. On another front, sometimes students and teachers have to climb mountains and swim through swamps to get to the school.

The above problem can be solved by VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), a technology that can deliver digital education to inaccessible schools throughout the country. Educomp Shantanu Prakash says, “Through methods like VSAT technology teaching, we attempt to bring the expertise of renowned teachers in metros to small towns and rural areas.”

The only issue with VSAT is its implementation and lack of awareness on the government’s part. There’s also the cost factor. However, edtech companies will be able to bring that down with good deals and presenting India as a perfect edtech investment opportunity.

Several digital education companies are working with more than 30,000 schools in the country. The Indian government has the power to reduce infrastructure expenditure. They can also allocate a budget that promotes the use and installation of VSAT systems. Hopefully, this will radically change the Indian education sphere.