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What should I write about? Finding Inspiration

Ever experienced when your head is overflowing with ideas and thoughts only to hold a pen and a paper and lose them all? Oh, all the time, some would say. What should I write about? The biggest question writers have, whose answer we still don’t know. If any of you have ever written a story successfully, you can say it just happens. The story tells itself. Not all of us are so fortunate. We have to forcibly drag the story out of us. And for that, we need inspirations. Now, this is the trickiest part. Inspiration can mean so differently to people that it is futile to describe it. So, here are some things you can find it from.

Reading Books

The obvious reason you want to write is that you love reading, so do that. Whenever you ate stuck with your blank paper, start reading. In addition to reading something you enjoy, try going for a new genre. There are so much you can learn from a book, it never goes to waste.

Listening Music

Quite ordinary, I know. But the power of music never fails to inspire. Once again, instead of listening to your usual music. Try exploring new music. The amount of good music is unlimited in this world. What’s more, the music breaks every barrier. Don’t be afraid listen to music in a foreign language you don’t understand.

Getting Outside of your Comfort Zone

It’s a common opinion, that getting out of your comfort zone expands your horizon and enrich your experience. It never works for me, honestly speaking. Sure, I do experience new emotions such as anxiety, fear, embarrassment, failure and everything along this line but who knows, maybe I’ll get a story out of this.

People Sighting

Nothing is more amusing than people sighting. You can get out in a public place and observe people. And before you know it you will start imaging different scenarios about them and their life because people are the best inspiration.


I know it’s a bad habit, but it’s so amusing. You may never realize but people say the funniest things at random. A crowded bus or train is probably the best place to eavesdrop on people. In addition to this being funny, you can also get insight into people’s personalities and the kind of life they are living. It can be empowering at times knowing how much hardships a person goes through every day and still wakes up the next morning.

Stay Still

Sometimes, in the hopes of living our ideal life, we forget to actually live it. Life is not a destination, it’s a journey. So, take a deep breath and live in the moment. Pay attention to things you see and hear every day, the sound of leaves rustlings, birds singing, rainfall and let inspiration find you.

Just write it down

If any of the above couldn’t help, the only remaining option is to move your pen. Write anything that comes to your mind, random thoughts, song’s lyrics, book quotes, anything. The key here is to keep writing because you need to discipline yourself. Find a freelance writers’ job at Ghost Writing LLC, if you must that way you’ll be obligated to write every day.